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Caster sugar

Caster sugar
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Product Description

Caster sugar

Crystal sugar is obtained by purification , evaporation and crystallization of diffusion juice extracted from sugar cane (after refining) This sugar enters the majority of sweet products . It is suitable for all food use : Manufacture of cakes, desserts, soda dish cooked and non-food production : animal feed, cosmetics.

Origines of sugar

From the beginning of the sixteenth century, Portuguese export from Madeira to Brazil technologies and equipment. In 1542, the first sugar mill operates at Pernambuco. This ensures the place in Brazil as the world sugar producer in the seventeenth century. Later the small Caribbean, where technologies were introduced by the French and the English, is becoming the new sugar power.

The benefits of sugar for health

Sugar is one of the most consumed foods around the world. This is the main source of energy in the intellectual and physical activity. Sugar awakens the taste and spirit and creates a feeling of well-being. However, for health, it should be consumed with moderation. The nutritional quality of the sugar cane is no longer in doubt, it can be called , as well as honey “intelligent sugar”.

Nutritional value

Pour 100g de pistaches :

  • Calorie : 400 kcal
  • Protéines : 0g
  • Glucide : 100g
  • Lipide : 0g